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  • Cardinal Brush has worked with Clayman & Associates exclusively since 2006 for all of our advertising, marketing and website needs. Their expertise in these areas has helped give us the direction we needed to map out the scope of a project but they have always also been open to our ideas that we feel are important to put our personal touch on a piece. Over the last 9 years, Clayman has gotten to know our customer base so whether it’s old fashioned print or new trends in social media, I trust Clayman to guide us down the right path to continue to grow our brand and increase sales.
    Jim Hartsock, President
    Cardinal Brush Company
  • Mole•Master has worked with Clayman & Associates since the mid 90’s. In that time, Clayman has handled virtually all of our marketing needs including development of new brochures, design and implementation of our website, development of all ads, ad placement, development of our annual media plan, and search engine optimization (SEO) just to name a few. Since working with Clayman on our SEO plan, we have been consistently number one in our most relevant web search terms and have moved from many pages down to top 5 locations for many of our secondary search terms.

    As technology changes marketing, Clayman has always moved with it. Always maintaining an awareness of what is happening whether it is print publications, website, social media or whatever comes next, the Clayman team has always gone the extra mile to make sure we get what we need to promote our products and services in the best way possible.

    I highly recommend Clayman & Associates for any of your marketing needs.

    H. David Laing, General Manager
    Mole•Master Services Corporation
  • For close to 25 years, Clayman & Associates has been providing the full range of marketing services to our company. As our needs morphed from print to the digital age, Clayman led us towards new ways to promote our company electronically. Our website is the foundation of our marketing efforts and Clayman has always made sure our site is up to date and features the latest literature and content that our customers are looking for. They have also made a consistent effort to make sure we have great position on Google for our key search terms. Another plus for us is that Clayman employs a seasoned photographer on their staff who is always available to photograph (and retouch if necessary) any of our products in a timely manner. Finally, like most companies, our focus is on increasing sales so we appreciate that Clayman is always there to push the marketing agenda forward and keep us on point.
    Arno Szegvari, President
    Union Process, Inc.
  • My personal relationship with Clayman spans more than 30 years, 2 organizations and the shift from print to digital… Strategies developed, markets embraced, products launched. During the course of those years they have been constant allies, relied upon to deliver advice and services that helped us in achieving an evolving array of organizational goals and market needs. Our success would not have been possible without them.
    Jack Krippel, President
    The Brush Warehouse