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Three Ways to Use Drones for Marketing
06 Jul 2016

Three Ways to Use Drones for Marketing

14171275635_4ffa43179c_mWhile it’s true that you want to look before you leap where new technology is concerned (as we discussed on Monday), marketers can now do some pretty interesting things with drones. Here are three ideas that we have come across.

Land or Building for Sale? Promote the View!

This idea came by way of the ENR/Procore webinar we mentioned on Monday. If you are a real estate agent or a contractor, you might often get asked, “Well, what would my view be outside my office or outside the bedroom?” Photographs can show things to a certain extent, but a neat new way to present this information is to position a drone at the height of the windows and get a more detailed photo of the view. You can also use drones to show where other buildings and wires are in relation to the building site. A real estate agent could use drone photos to show the distance to a school, a library, a grocery store, and more. We think your clients will also appreciate you using this new kind of technology to assist them in visualizing a property or a project. You’re on top of things!

High-Impact Corporate Videos

Video is one of the most powerful tools in the marketer’s toolbox today. A lot of manufacturers especially are looking for opportunities to show off their big plant or their shiny new fleet. It’s extremely hard to take panoramic shots from the ground, however, and once you start using lifts or ladders you are getting into a potential liability mess. A drone can help you capture sweeping photographs and videos of an entire fleet, an expansive plant, and more. Drones can even help capture engaging footage of fleets leaving or entering the parking lot or a job site. This kind of footage has become a hallmark of esteemed corporate videos, and now it can be much easier to capture.

You can view some drone videography we have completed here.

Have an Event? Drone It!

This idea comes courtesy of a company called Skytango, a firm that specializes in aerial photography and videography. What Skytango notes is that some companies have used drones to do a little heavy lifting along with videography and photography. Applebees, for example, used drones to hover mistletoe above tables, inviting loving couples to kiss. Love hurts, however, and apparently someone got injured by a drone during this campaign.

Despite that sad ending, the possibilities for using drones at events are numerous. Let’s say you sell motorcycles or cars, for example. You could have drones holding up signs overhead while you have an open house. Perhaps drones could be used to distribute t-shirts by dropping them from overhead. As long as safety is considered, the event could be made more memorable with some smart and innovative drone usage.

Have you used drones in your marketing, or have you seen any ideas that floated your boat? We’d love to hear from you.

By the way, we can provide drone videography and photography services. Contact us if you would like to learn more!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

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