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Social Media Makes Us All Marketers
14 Dec 2016

Social Media Makes Us All Marketers


My dog is pretty sure I post only to promote him.

Marketers seem to be right up there (or down there) with lawyers and insurance agents as professionals whom people love to deride. All marketers, of course, are snake oil salesmen, convincing you of things that aren’t really true. Marketers get in your face and only have their own agendas in mind. Marketers are all about themselves. You’ve probably heard things like this before. Heck, maybe you’ve even said things like this before.

Here is a new and uncomfortable way to think about our social media lives, however. The reality is that social media is a marketing channel, and the product has become us. We are using these online channels to engage (like companies are being told to do), share our expertise (some of us are more iffy on this than others), and then, of course, like any good marketer, we “make the ask.”

“I never ask for anything,” you might say. Well, that’s not 100% true. Any time a person posts to a social media platform, they are asking for reactions at the least. Some people use social media to show their best selves. Their posts are asking for envy, perhaps, or admiration. ¬†Other folks may post with negative news in the hopes that they will get attention, comfort, and support.

Social Media is about getting something by writing or posting videos and images of your life, also known as your product. Welcome to being a marketer.


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