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Small Business Saturday 2017
16 Oct 2017

Small Business Saturday 2017

You might have popped out of your seat when you saw that headline. “Did I miss it? Is it today? Oh no!” Well, on one hand I would say, don’t worry. It’s not until November 25th. On the other hand, I would say, November 25th is just a little over a month away, so we had better start thinking about how you are going to promote your small business this year.

The concept of Small Business Saturday started in 2010. Everyone knows about Black Friday (which somehow has evolved into “Black entire week of Thanksgiving.” Cyber Monday also has evolved into a “thing.” People go into work the Monday after Thanksgiving and spend a lot of the day (just being honest here) catching deals online to make up for what they may have missed offline. Small Business Saturday is a response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday in that it encourages people to support brick and mortar small businesses. Heck, maybe people might even go really crazy and pass by Thanksgiving shopping so they can try the small businesses first.

More than just a sign

A lot of companies have succeeded over the last seven years in using the correct hashtags around Small Business Saturday online, and a lot of stores have gotten around to putting signs in the windows. There is so much more that can be done to build up to this day, however. It just requires a little planning. Here are a few ideas just to start the conversation.

  • Small Business Saturday could be tied into Giving Tuesday, which is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Businesses have many ways they can participate, and a business could celebrate its existence on Saturday and then give back on Tuesday.
  • Team up with other small businesses in the neighborhood to make a really memorable experience for shoppers.
  • Offer contests leading up to Small Business Saturday with prizes awarded in store on the special Saturday.

The sky is really the limit in how you can make Small Business Saturday memorable for your customers, not to mention yourself. Signs are great and hashtags are great, but after seven years of usage, there is a danger that people kind of “skim notice” those things now. Sure, sure. Shop local. Right right. Now on to Wal-Mart. Small businesses, both individually and as a category of businesses,need to focus on what shopping local means, and what supporting small businesses mean.

I saw a story on CBS Sunday Morning about a hardware store in Worcester, Massachusetts, that is closing this year. It opened in 1782. Small businesses, small brick and mortar retailers, are becoming an endangered species in this country. We have a day marked specifically for celebrating these businesses. The hard part is done. Now there just needs to be some energy in making that day actually WORK for small, local businesses.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with running your business and just trying to get ready for the holidays? Contact us today. We can help you come up with some unique ideas, and we can even make the “stuff” that will make those ideas work.

We all succeed when small businesses succeed. Let’s make it happen.

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