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We have long prided ourselves on our ability to create exactly what our clients need, regardless of the industry, medium, or timeframe. Our creative services include:


Your customers can identify the difference between well-designed marketing content and content that is just thrown together. They may not be able to pinpoint the difference, but the impact of a professionally designed piece is almost palpable. We do not design to our tastes. We design to your needs. When we work on a piece for your company, we review what was done in the past, and then strategize what we believe will evoke a positive response from your customers. We design everything from websites and videos to advertisements and catalogs.


We understand that photography is more than holding up your iPhone and pressing a button. While our services have morphed from the dark room digital, our philosophy has remained unchanged. We believe that great photography can carry a piece or, alternatively, ruin a piece. Our expertise in capturing and retouching images will drive all of your creative work to the next level.

Trade Show Exhibit Design

The online world has become dominant in how we communicate with each other today. However, trade shows still provide that unique opportunity to meet your customers and prospects face-to-face. Your booth must create a powerful impression. Beyond designing the actual booth graphics, Clayman & Associates can consult with you in choosing a quality trade show exhibit house whether you are looking for a custom or portable exhibit.


Today, attention spans are shrinking, and so is patience. When a customer or prospect reads your literature, they want it to be easy to understand, hard-hitting, and speak to them about their needs. Whether writing for a website, a press release, a brochure, or a booth graphic, we hone your message to assure it meets the right audience in the right way.


Videos are of the utmost importance today. They are easy to share on social media platforms, improve Google search results and engage visitors on your website. We cover all of your videography needs: scriptwriting, story boards, shooting, capturing the raw footage, hiring the voice talent, putting it all together in the editing suite and finally uploading it to your website and YouTube.

Content Development

Few tools in the marketing toolbox today receive more emphasis than content development. Whether it is a blog, articles for publications, or social media posts, or just solid informational copy for your website, Clayman & Associates crafts powerful content designed to build your brand and extend your reach in your industry.


Clayman & Associates has never been merely a production house. We bring over sixty years of experience to every relationship, and our current personnel alone boasts over 50 years of marketing consulting experience all together. We can consult with you regarding:

Media Planning

Publications are happy to tell you that you should advertise with them in print and/or online. Clayman effectively evaluates the mission and circulation of all media in your space to determine if they are appropriate and compatible for your goals. Where advertising is concerned, now more than ever, we want our clients to get the most bang for their buck.

Market Research

Your company may be considering a new product or outreach to a new industry. We can kick start your new strategy by assessing the market, identifying the best way to reach new customers, and much more.


Often, a company will approach us with an article or a news release they have written. They don’t feel entirely happy with it, or perhaps they are not confident in the impact of the copy. We are happy to review, edit, and proofread copy to make sure it is as powerful and as succinct as possible.


Sometimes you can feel like you are operating your business without a compass. Today’s world moves fast and it is increasingly complicated as well. Call on us to help you evaluate your industry and the direction in which it is traveling. Once that evaluation is complete, we will help you develop the perfect strategy to grow your business.


We understand that branding is about more than a logo. Defining your company’s brand is a series of huge decisions against a backdrop of the industry in which you need to operate and the customers you need to reach. We can help hone your focus, your message, and how you reveal your brand to your desired audience. Beyond the initial brand creation, we make sure your brand identity is consistent across all communication platforms.


The first shots of the online revolution were fired around the end of the last century. The revolution continues today. There is perhaps no communication channel that is more important to master today. Our online services include:

Web Development

It is almost a given today that your company will have a website. The question is whether that website is working for you or not. We can help you develop your website from the skeleton (how the website will work and how visitors will navigate) to the actual design. We create forms, e-stores, page-turning literature, effective “calls to action” and more.


Sometimes organic search is not enough to give a website the boost it needs, especially in highly competitive search categories. Pay-Per-Click advertising is a good alternative for those scenarios, and we can help you through the process, which can be high-maintenance and complex. We can implement and oversee PPC advertising for search engines (AdWords) or for social media sites (Facebook, etc.).

Analytics Reporting

Analytics can be confusing. Without the proper skills, you’re simply staring at numbers and charts. We have the experience in analyzing web and social media reports that allows us to create a strategy to grow your online presence. Recognizing trends, identifying quality traffic, increasing referrals, and establishing keywords allows us to provide guidance and act upon facts to improve your status in the online world.


Owning a website may be a given today, but being found online is far from guaranteed. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a requirement to stand out in the crowd. Your company could have the most beautiful website in the world, but if your customers and prospects can’t find it, the website will do you no good. Clayman ensures that your website will be optimized for important keywords and we track progress monthly to make sure the SEO is on the right track.

Social Media Marketing

We have never viewed Instagram as just a site where people post pictures of their food. Although in some industries adoption remains slow, owning your company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more is increasingly a necessity. We can guide you through creating and scheduling posts, engaging with audience members, handling crises that may develop online and analyzing trends. We can also create strategies for cross-platform promotion and more.


Advertising is more than simply throwing a message onto paper. Along with the message, making sure your ad appears at the right times in front of the right people is essential. Our advertising services include:

Ad Development

Whether print or online, we can create a high-impact ad for you. The ideal image matched with impactful copy, placed with precision in the right print or online environment, will help promote your company and build your brand.

Tracking and Analysis

Our process does not end with sending ad materials to publications. We want you to know how your ad is performing. We have methodologies that help track how many people visit your website based on the specific ad, and we also try to make sure ads run in Reader Study issues so that you can see verbatim comments from readers of key publications.

Ad Placement

Making sure ads are running in appropriate issues is a time-consuming and sometimes laborious process that requires research of the industry and years of experience. We can handle all of that for your company, and we have a process in place that ensures that you authorize all media buys before we issue an insertion order. We also handle sending ad materials to publications, and when publications arrive, we make sure your ad has run and that the production was of industry acceptable quality.