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Put Writing On A Mantel, Too.
03 Jun 2016

Put Writing On A Mantel, Too.

9355090806_80b6faabc7_mSome marketing companies are started by designers. Some marketing companies are started by sales people. Some marketing companies are started by copywriters.

For purposes of this blog, let’s focus on the latter since our company was started by a writer. Henry Clayman even wrote for the Stars and Stripes during World War II. Writing for marketing takes on many flavors. There is advertising writing, headline writing, PR writing, full length article writing, technical writing, blog writing, web writing, SEO writing, eblast writing, social media writing, and more. Each type of writing requires a different skill set. A technical writer might not be the same person who can spin a creative headline with a cool double entendre. By the same token, not everyone can jam a fully fleshed out idea into a 140 character tweet.

Writing is obviously critical to everything we do in marketing. We are, after all, in the communication business. But writing sometimes takes a back seat to our more colorful, glitzy creative companion– the graphics people. Graphic designers, web developers, illustrators, cartoonists, photographers and videographers are the cool ones with next year’s hairstyles, tats up and down one arm, and clothing options that just seem to scream, “I’m a creative. Let me be who I need to be.” We writers are a different breed. Less “joiny”. More depressed. Singularly focused on nailing it through words. Some shops don’t even consider us part of the “creatives.” I’ve even found myself falling into the trap when I complete a writing assignment. “Well, that’s done. Now time to throw it over to the creatives.

It’s just possible that we are selling ourselves short. Good, clear, concise writing is key to everything we do in business regardless of what business we are in. How many times do we get muddy instructions that ultimately lead to the project going down the wrong path only to find that with clear instructions, we could have completed the assignment in short order and on target?

It’s time for good writing to take its place on the mantel of creativity.
Think it’s not important? Try writing an important business letter to a company who could change the course of your company. Try writing an effective thank you note to an existing customer. Or just spend a few minutes looking at social media posts to learn about how not to write.

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

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