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Preparing for Small Business Saturday 2018
19 Oct 2018

Preparing for Small Business Saturday 2018

Does Small Business Saturday really happen if no one knows you’re participating? We think it’s best to make sure people know, and the only way you can do that is by promoting your efforts.

Small Business Saturday began in 2010. Scheduled every year since for the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the quasi-holiday is intended to drive more sales for local retail shops as the holiday shopping season kicks off. Non-retail small businesses can also participate by participating in local events or helping to promote local small retailers.

The awareness surrounding Small Business Saturday has steadily increased, in part because businesses have been motivated to post “shop small” signs in windows for the special day. Business owners should not just rely on the popularity of the event, however. Awareness of the day does not mean people are aware of what your business is doing to participate.

That’s where we come into the picture.

It is NOT too early, right now, to start determining how you want to promote your holiday events. We know…some people find thinking about the holidays this early very painful. However, one of the best ways to make sure people come see you on Small Business Saturday is to start telling them now why they should mark the date on their calendar.

Press Releases: Press Releases are one of the power houses in a marketer’s toolbox. Publications, especially local newspapers and magazines, will publish news releases free of charge, which means you get a lot of exposure for no additional cost. A press release is a great place to outline what your business will be doing to celebrate Small Business Saturday. We can even help you execute tactics that will assist in tracking the effectiveness of the release!

Fliers: Want to distribute fliers around town to spread the word? We see a lot of fliers that we wish would just fly away. Poor quality does not help your business look good. We can custom design a piece for you that looks polished and professional, and we can also help with printing and distribution.

Social Media Marketing: One of the best ways for a retail company especially to spread the word about special promotions is via social media. However, simply posting promotional posts is not going to do the trick. We can work with you or even execute social media marketing to get your community excited and engaged, and, again, we can help you track the effectiveness of the campaign.

We can help you with much more, from updating your website or creating a new website to creating signage for your special event. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!


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