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Why Work With An Agency?


If you work as a “one-man show”, with a small marketing team, or with an entire department of experienced marketing professionals, you may not have all of the resources to complete an effective integrated marketing program under one roof. Let’s face it: it’s hard to get it all done, no matter who you are. Jobs pile up, projects become more complex, the industry changes and you have to keep up.

Yes, you could spread the team thin, burn the midnight oil, take a quick lesson and squeak by. We’ve met many clients who have been forced into the mindset that good is good enough. “That ad doesn’t have to be perfect. There are online tutorials that can help me build a website. Let’s forgo the social media — we don’t have time.” However, we can help with all of that and even under the gun, we always have the mindset that good isn’t stellar and we won’t stop until stellar is the outcome.

So, who needs an agency?
The answer: you do.

Here are five reasons why working with an agency is the right answer for your company.

We live and breathe marketing:

Anyone can take an online crash course in graphics software, but that only covers the basics and it’s time consuming. Time is money. So in the long run, the time you spend on learning to create a basic design might be better spent elsewhere while our team will spend a fraction of that cost and time to make sure it is done professionally. Our marketing and graphics specialists know design, typography, color, reproduction, ad submittals, print quality, analytics, contracts, budgeting, media placement and more. When you think about your company’s investments, where do you want that time and money to go? We understand that you may have a team full of talented and fully capable professionals. In that case, we want to fill in the gaps in your capabilities. Perhaps that gap is that you simply don’t have enough time to get it all done. Perhaps you need photographs for a brochure. Perhaps you just need a few paragraphs of copy written. Instead of assigning a job to a team member who has less experience with a certain platform, let us take care of it.

We see the entire picture, not just pieces:

Many clients who run their own marketing programs have said that it is “overwhelming”, “confusing”, “difficult” and “frustrating”. “What is analytics and what do I do with it? This ad was due yesterday! The magazine ran my photo that way? Now the website needs a software update. What in the world is bleed and how do I make my image vector?” It is enough to drive you crazy. Clayman & Associates looks at the entire marketing landscape in one fell swoop. We take care of it all while you get down to the actual work of growing your business. We save your time, frustration and sanity. For those companies with an entire marketing team, we make sure any job we take on is consistent with your corporate vision. After all, our approach is to take on your brand identity when we take on your project. We make the process and outcome seamless and consistent with your existing collateral. Camera angles, typography, logo treatment, copy tone, design elements, lighting: it all contributes to your brand. We understand it’s not just the logo that makes you who you are. We make sure the outcome is consistent with your brand voice so that it speaks to your audience as if you did it yourself.

Relationships are valuable:

We have been around for over 60 years and can claim relationships with clients and vendors that span, in some cases, 30+ years. If you are a new business just getting started or you are established and simply have a full work load, you don’t have the luxury of time to nurture relationships with vendors. Working with Clayman & Associates gives you the advantage of all of the relationships we have built over the years. We’ve tried what’s available and have made vendor connections that not only save you money and time but also provide the best outcome. Our client relationships are absolutely our focus. We seek to make our clients advocates for our company. That means making sure jobs are done correctly and on time. That means providing attentive service with personal touches. That means we do what it takes to make you happy. We plan on being around for another 60 years. We can’t do that without solid relationships with satisfied clients.

We know what’s coming and if you should care:

We have to stay ahead of the curve in order to stay relevant in the world of business and marketing. We have to know what’s coming next, and we have to use our experience to determine which “new shiny objects” are worth investing in and which are not. Every new platform is not relevant to your business or worth your time. How do you know if Periscope will help you grow your business or if certain keywords are right for your audience? That’s our job. Let us do the footwork for you.

We’ve been there, done that:

One thing you learn quickly in the business world is that there really are no new problems. A problem might appear in new contexts or in new environments, but generally speaking, the key problems businesses have faced over the years have not changed dramatically. The methods we use to solve the problems have changed. We have helped many clients overcome dwindling market share, international expansion and more. Use our experience to help you conquer the roadblocks to your success.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need to work with an agency today. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help you with your specific business needs.