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How do you get your news?
21 May 2012

How do you get your news?

We came upon an interesting survey in last week’s AdWeek. The survey, conducted by Emarketer and Pew Research Center, focused in part on how people who own mobile tablets most often get their news. The results might shock you.

According to the survey, a whopping 52% of those polled said they still get their news from the television! 48% said they get their news from their desktop/laptop, 28% from print (perhaps this number is also higher than you would have expected, 22% from their mobile phone, and only 21% from their tablet (see page 15 of the May 7 issue).

What is going on here? It seems a bit strange, doesn’t it? Tablets offer bigger screens and would seem at the least to be more preferable than using a mobile phone.

What do you think the explanation for these results might be? How do you get your news? We’d love to hear your thoughts, because we’re quite puzzled!

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  1. Marc Zazeela

    I think this is nothing more complicated than a matter of convenience.

    52% TV – sitting at home, comfortably on the sofa, eating, drinking, sorting the mail, talking to family. Very comfortable, very convenient, very repeatable. You were already there anyway.

    48% Computer – Sitting in office browsing the headlines. Very convenient, very comfortable. You were already there anyway.

    28% Print – Carrying newspaper/magazine in briefcase. Very convenient. Delivered to mailbox or doorstep. Convenient. Sitting in the park. Convenient. Sitting at desk. Very convenient. Sitting in john. Very convenient.

    22% Mobile phone – Easy to carry in pocket. Very convenient. Small screen size. Inconvenient.

    21% Tablet – Not as convenient as mobile phone due to larger size. Inconvenient.

    Nothing more than simple human nature. Marketers cannot change basic behavior. Marketers must accept human realities rather than trying to force the “next big thing”.


    1. Marjorie Clayman

      Hi Marc,

      Interesting analysis! I guess I have felt like some of the mass appeal of the pads is that they are more convenient than anything. Increasingly, I see people using pads instead of laptops. I would have expected the percentages for those 2 items at least to be reversed. You make great points though.

      Thank you!

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