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What Happened at CES 2017
11 Jan 2017

What Happened at CES 2017

Every year, before you have even had a chance to realize that a new year has begun, you start hearing and seeing reports from CES–the Consumer Electronics Show. Often times, the big winners at CES help determine what the rest of the year is going to be dominated by both in terms of technology and marketing.

Last year, the big news from CES seemed to be dominated by robots, and sure enough, throughout the year, through all of the industries in which we work, trade shows were focused on robotics. There was a lot of talk about how the Jetsons was turning into real life, and people didn’t seem quite sure how to feel about that.

This year, the feeling, at least to me, is that virtual reality and augmented reality were the dominant forces at CES, with a lot of IoT and Smart Technology mixed in. I wanted to get a much better sense than that of what happened at CES this year, though. I thought about scanning the usual news sources like Gizmodo and Mashable, but instead, I asked three of my friends who actually were at the show to tell me what they found most impactful.

Automation and Drones

My friend Angela, founder of Jodi’s Voice and a very skilled marketer, was amazed at how much automation was featured at the show. Particularly striking, although not necessarily in a good way, was Toyota’s concept car, which you can read more about here. Angela said, “Toyota said my car would be my best friend!!! Sensing when I am sad and playing “good memory” songs! I don’t want my car to ask me if I am ok.”

Angela intelligently notes, “t will be more important than ever for all of us to be good citizens with automation and drones. We have to remember we are humans!” The number of drones and other automated technologies was quite overwhelming.

An Immersive Look at the Future

My friend Dan Newman’s first off the cuff response was, “The blurred line between enterprise and consumer tech.” Dan has been living and breathing immersive tech and digital evolution for at least a couple of years now and even wrote a book about how all of this can impact companies (you can find that here). Dan wrote a couple of articles that expanded on his experience for Forbes. The first article offers a great story about a virtual reality experience Dan had at the show, and in his second article, Dan offers a must-read list of the top 17 tech trends that will hit in 2017. These are technologies that could and probably will impact your ¬†business this year!

Gauging What Will Stick

My friend Marsha Collier is one of the most respected names in the tech world. One of the reasons for that is she humanizes technology and tells you what you need to know. To that end, Marsha wrote of her CES experience by highlighting seven technologies that she feels will not only stick around but that will also actually help people. You can read Marsha’s awesome summary right here.

What do you think the big tech story of 2017 will be? We’d love to hear from you!

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