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Five Steps Towards Better Social Media Marketing
26 Jul 2018

Five Steps Towards Better Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing success is a little more nuanced than simply posting pictures of what you’re eating for lunch. We see a lot of companies making a lot of mistakes or missing a lot of opportunities in their social media marketing. These pitfalls could potentially cost companies customers and/or sales, and they may have no idea that they are doing anything sub-par.

We thought we would run down a list of five easy ways to make sure your social media marketing is as effective as possible. Are you able to check these boxes off on your social media marketing list?

Share Posts From Customers and Friendly Pages

Most people have the idea that social media marketing means you only post about your own company. One of the secrets to keeping your social media community engaged, regardless of the platform, is letting them know that you are willing to share content from other companies or organizations. We have found in our experience that often, as you start to share posts from happy customers, more customers start submitting images for you to share. This helps build your brand along with your online community. Sharing information from local groups can be a useful resource for your customers, so that builds your brand’s credibility and popularity as well.

When It’s Suggested To Invite Somebody To Like Your Page, Do It!

You get a lot of notifications when you run a Facebook page, but there is a fairly new one in use that you definitely want to incorporate into your Facebook approach. When someone “likes” an image or a post but they have not yet liked your page, you will get a prompt saying that you should invite them to like your page. This is a much better approach than sending an invite to all of your friends with no context about why they should like your page. The people who are liking your posts are already indicating interest. Why not invite them to engage even more?

Do NOT Ignore or Delete Negative Feedback

This one is a tough argument with a lot of companies, but the best practice in the case of legitimate negative feedback (versus trolling) is to engage with it rather than ignoring it. Not only will taking the time to respond impress people who are watching, but responding to one person’s concern will very likely address the same concerns others have had but have not verbalized. Many marketing experts now believe that your best friends are those people who ask you to do better. Compare those folks with the silent customers who simply wander away from your brand without a word.

Respond to Comments and Shares as Quickly as Possible

The notifications section of your company page is your happy place, NOT your own stream. Your notifications will tell you who has shared your posts (if their accounts are accessible), what posts have gotten reactions, and what posts have generated comments. Don’t just scroll through these notifications. Respond as you go. At the least, if someone has shared your post, “Like” it as your page. I like to comment if I have the time. React or respond to comments on your posts as you can, too. Engaging with your audience lets them know real people are monitoring the page and care enough to take a little time to interact. It’s a differentiator.

Post on a Consistent Basis

Far too often, we encounter pages that have three posts a day for three weeks and then nothing for three months. Especially with Facebook algorithms working against company pages, it is best to try to post several times a week, consistently, over a long period of time. Coming up with content can be intimidating for people, so we suggest either calling us for help (the easy road) or working out a calendar of things you can post over a month-long period. That way it’s just a matter of working on individual posts instead of trying to muster up new ideas every day.

We hope these pointers are helpful for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

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