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Facebook Etiquette for Businesses
23 Oct 2017

Facebook Etiquette for Businesses

Over the last few months, my involvement with company Facebook pages has increased exponentially. I am not just talking about the pages I run, but I am also talking about the numerous company pages I interface as I run those pages. Compared to what I was seeing on corporate Facebook pages a few years ago, the improvement is significant. However, there are a few things I see quite often that really need to improve. The thing of it is if companies start doing these polite things, they will also see the benefits. Now that sounds well worth the time investment, right?

Without further adieu, then, here are some tips and tricks for playing on Facebook as a company page.

DO post things other than promotions of your company

I have often equated the world of social media for business with going to a business-oriented cocktail party. Sure, you want to introduce yourself and describe a little bit about what you do and what your company is all about. However, if that is ALL you talk about, people are going to start walking away. That is not to say they are not interested in your company, but there, painful though it is to believe, other things that people might want to talk about other than how great your products or services are. It is the same way online. Yes, you want to promote your company, but you also want to keep the interest of your “fans.” Share things that would be of interest to them beyond the scope of what you do.

DO NOT “post and run”

I cannot tell you how many pages I have seen where there are posts with lots of comments, but there are no responses from the company. Talk about missing out on a goldmine. A lot of the talk about Facebook pages these days revolves around how little engagement there is (organically) on company pages. When someone comments on your post that is a golden opportunity. Not only are other people likely to join in if they see you’re responsive, but Facebook also favors pages where there is a lot of engagement. It is a win win win win win.

DO monitor those mentions!

The biggest opportunities companies miss on Facebook are unnoticed mentions. Just like personal accounts show notifications when someone has “liked” your post or commented, company pages also receive notifications. Most of the time you will have a pretty good idea what you’ll see. Jan commented on that post, George “liked” that post. Sometimes, however, you’ll see that someone shared a post and you hadn’t noticed. You might discover that someone has mentioned your company name on his or her personal account.

On a desktop, you’ll want to keep an eye on that “notifications” link up towards the top left corner. Page Manager on smart devices puts the notifications down in the lower right corner.

DO NOT fail to share

Building social media communities rests in large part on collaboration. There is an understanding that if I on my company page say something super nice about you, you will share that post so that you can a) share the nice thing I said and b) Introduce your “fans” to my company page. “Liking” the post is nice, too, but if you find yourself in any type of collaborative situation, share. That helps the company that mentioned you, and, again, your engagement with other people and/or companies shows that you are, well, social!

There are many other issues we could talk about, but these are the ones that I think are the most troublesome for companies as they try to grow their influence online. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us. We can help!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

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