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Expertise Is In Finding the Solution, Not The Problem
20 Jul 2016

Expertise Is In Finding the Solution, Not The Problem

2607462608_37dd004d9e_mSomething interesting happened at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Well, ok. A lot of interesting things happened at the 2016 Republican National Convention. One of those points of interest was that the “Never Trump” contingent tried to get the rules changed so that delegates could “vote their conscience” instead of voting per their state. The effort came up rather short, and during the dinner break some news commentators evaluated why the effort had failed. Believe it or not, something kind of profound came from that analysis.

The problem was not the concept of “Never Trump.” There are many Republicans who feel Trump is taking the GOP to places where it should not go. The real problem is that the “Never Trump” group never offered a solution to the problem they were trying to eradicate.

“That doesn’t work” is not an answer

I fear marketers are running into the same kind of conundrum. You hear an awful lot these days about what is NOT working for companies. “Oh we can’t invest in print. That doesn’t work.” “I don’t want to invest in social media marketing. You can’t measure that and it won’t work for us.” That’s all well and good, and some of those comments may even be correct up to a point. However, identifying tactics that do not work is easy. In fact, if you say that something is not working, most people will believe you without much convincing. The real focus needs to be on what actually will work. What DOES your company need?

How to Combat “Doesn’t Work” or “Never”

Have you recently pitched a marketing idea to the boss only to hear that “that never works” or something akin to same? Here are some ways to carry the conversation further.

If you pitch some print advertising and you hear negative feedback you can:

• Suggest that there are BPA-audited publications so you can identify exactly to whom your message is going

• Suggest the use of special URLs to track the success of the ads

• If the concern is driving traffic directly to the website, suggest something like e-newsletter marketing, which offers opportunities for both branding and lead generation

If you pitch email marketing and you hear negative feedback you can:

• Address concerns about can-spam compliance, building a database, and creating objective, valuable content

• Suggest a special landing page that the email will drive traffic to so that you can better measure the success of the campaign

• Recommend direct mail for person-to-person reach  or social media marketing tactics for digital reach if you can’t sell email marketing

Simply throwing your hands up in the air will not accomplish anything. You need to find out what the resistance is, and then you need to address that head on in the hopes you can counter it. If you can’t, offer another viable solution.

Saying “never” or stomping around saying, “It doesn’t work” is easy enough. Long-term success requires some more active imagination, persistence, and thinking outside the box. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

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