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What Are Some Examples of Companies Doing Instagram Right?
21 Sep 2016

What Are Some Examples of Companies Doing Instagram Right?

292642699_8e8a8b5aa8_mWe wrote on Monday about how it can be intimidating to start a corporate account on Instagram. It feels more personal, and it might not feel right to be “corporatey” with your pictures and videos. We offered some suggestions on how you can conquer those fears, but we thought it might be more helpful to show you some posts that we like from companies on Instagram, and why we like those images. Here we go!

Our first example of a great company post on Instagram comes from a company in Wooster, Ohio, called Superior Welding. We like this post because it’s educational. Even though they are to some extent deriding another company, it is done professionally and comes off as wanting the industry as a whole to keep a good reputation:


Our second example of good Instagramming is another educational post. The company shot a quick video, offered some how-to type information, promoted a product, and promoted the fact that they are exhibiting at IMTS 2016. The company is Raptor Workholding out of Dayton, Ohio.


One of the tricky things is making a company account seem accessible, personal, and individualized. Post number three, which comes from Champion Cutting Tool Corporation, uses the hashtag “TBT” (throwback Thursday) to add some personality to their account. It’s a great way to add a human touch to any social media account! You might notice, too, that so far two of our three posts have people in them. While there is nothing wrong with focusing on products, incorporating employees and/or customers into your pictures and videos is another great way to humanize your company’s presence.



Sometimes, companies make their Instagram accounts more personable with posts that aren’t really related to the products or services offered. Our next example is a fantastic way to weave together a little promotion with pure fun. Ellum Bag Works, out of Dallas, Texas, does a great job of tying it all together with this post:


Our final example of companies “doing it right” on Instagram is a company called Knit Picks. Unless you are a knitter or crocheter, you will probably not believe that a company selling yarn, patterns, and knitting supplies can create an interactive, clever, drool-worthy Instagram account. However, there is a lot any company can learn from Knit Picks (and if you happen to be a crafter you’ll find their photos irresistible anyway). The thing I like best about this account is that instead of just promoting products, Knit Picks does a great job of showing what can be made WITH those products. The photography is outstanding, which doesn’t hurt either.


What have we learned?

Don’t be scared about starting a company Instagram account. Just remember, many of the most popular accounts tend to do a lot of the following:

• Educate. Not only will your connections appreciate this, it also shows your expertise.

• Add people. What can be more humanizing than humans?

• Be flexible. Every post does NOT have to be specifically about what your company does.

• Use fun social media tactics like #TBT. Find ones that are relevant to your industry. Fitness companies can use #WorkoutWednesday. Food companies can tag on to #MeatlessMonday. You’ll get more views and you will show that you know how to navigate social media waters.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you have a favorite Instagram account, let us know!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

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