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You Can Even Make Kleenex Interesting
01 Jun 2016

You Can Even Make Kleenex Interesting

16811685066_e2ee92f21e_mLet’s face it. Paper towel, toilet paper, and Kleenex get taken for granted, if not worse. Not only are these products the epitome of commodity items, but we also tend to associate them with kind of gross events. If you’re a manufacturer, how can you implement this “content marketing” everyone is talking about? You make this substance that is used to clean up snot – or even worse!

Well, take a look at this Kleenex commercial, and then we’ll discuss this a little further.

Have you dried your eyes with that Kleenex yet? See what they did there?

Sometimes, your story may not be just the product on its own. Sometimes your story might be the people who made that product or the actual people who use that product. Sometimes the story might be what this single part helps make down the line.

Maybe your story won’t be a tearjerker. Then again, maybe behind the parts that you make is a family story of keeping a business going through a lot of tough times. Maybe you almost had to close everything down during the Great Recession but you are still making those products that you find so boring.

If Kleenex can be interesting, can’t your products, too?

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

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