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Book Review: SEO for Growth
16 Nov 2016

Book Review: SEO for Growth

Some of you more astute readers may have noticed that a few of our recent posts have referenced SEO for Growth by John Jantsch and Phil Singleton. It seems like a good time to actually tell you why we keep referencing this book. Also, since we are edging closer and closer to the holidays, we thought it would make sense to recommend this as a highly valuable, albeit slightly utilitarian gift for the business owner or marketer in your lives.

There are three fantastic aspects that represent our reasoning for liking it so much. The book tells you what to do, the book tells you what not to do, and the book gives you a fantastic list of experts to follow and look for online. Let’s explore each of these in a little more detail.

What to Do

You might think that by its nature, an SEO book offering you how-to instructions would be kind of drab and dreary. One of the impressive things about SEO for Growth is that it remains engaging. If you’ve ever tried to explain the intricacies of SEO (or anything technical) to someone who has not encountered it much before, you know there is a great risk for creating the “deer in the headlights” reaction. That won’t happen for you if you are new to SEO and are reading this book. Jantsch and Singleton break their content into bite-sized chunks so that you can take time to digest what they are talking about. Important terms are bold and are explained further in a glossary the authors make available.

Like every book of Jantsch’s that I have read, this book also gives you actual actionable items that you’ll want to dive into right away. The book gives you resources for creating an editorial calendar for your SEO work, for example. You’ll also find a wealth of resources within the regular text of the book as well as in the footnotes, and you’ll want to dig into those ASAP.

Finally, in terms of explaining what you do need to do for SEO, the authors do an excellent job of creating a compelling case for optimization. If you have been waffling about working on optimization for the last year or so, you’ll want to jump on it as soon as you start reading this book.

What Not to Do

SEO for Growth is a valuable tool because it tells you what you need to do. What makes it doubly valuable is that it tells you what NOT to do in SEO, and one of the best services it provides is outlining what black hat SEO practices are. There are unfortunately a lot of SEO firms out there that try to achieve results through very illegal means, and Jantsch/Singleton do a good job of outlining what warning signs you need to look out for if you’re wanting to improve your site’s performance. The authors also do a great job of cautioning small businesses against social media “gurus” and myopic web developers who are more concerned with design than content. Knowing what to beware of is just as valuable as knowing what good traits are in SEO firms and other marketing companies.

The List of Experts

At the end of each chapter there is a spotlight on one professional who can offer expertise in the area of content and/or SEO. What I like about the list is that for the most part, there are no guru throw-ins like you see on so many “best of” lists online. Seth Godin does not appear here! You get to learn about guys like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, and Danny Sullivan, who have been immersed in SEO for years. They are true experts, and knowing where to find them can be liking getting a compass in the middle of a trek through the desert.

Do we recommend SEO for Growth? Just in case I wasn’t clear––yes! You can find it here (not an affiliate link). Buy a copy for you and a loved one!

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