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Our ever-expanding Clayman & Associates team consists of a pretty diverse group of individuals who, at our core, love what we do. Each person brings a special quality that helps us help our clients (and each other). Whether it is copywriting, photography, graphic design, or unbelievable organization (and even a bit of history trivia), our team is here to help.

Take a quick tour of our portfolio to see what we’ve done. If you have a project you need help with, contact us or check out our testimonials to see what others have to say.

Our Leadership

Abby Spung

Abby Spung

Principal & Chief Creative Officer
With more than 20 years of design experience, Abby has a rich history of creating brand identities that have articulated and personified the brands they represent, and, most importantly, have stood the test of time. A Professor Emeritus of Graphic Design at Marietta College, she spent years sharing her passion while teaching corporate identity and branding.

Abby is a graduate of Ohio University with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Our Team

Steven Hollis

Art Director
Steven has nine years of experience in design and branding with an emphasis on brand standard systems and website user experience design. He is remarkably adept at approaching complex and highly technical B2B products and services and distilling them into compelling visual language that persuades their target audiences.

Steven is a graduate of Marietta College with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Robert Bowman

Creative and Technical Writer
With more than 20 years of experience as a copywriter and creative director, Robert has served clients in the travel and tourism, retail, and home improvement industries and has helped garner national product placement in Wal-Mart and Home Depot stores.

Robert is a graduate of West Virginia State University with a BA in Business Management and of The Creative Circus with a Certificate in Copywriting.

Matthew Peters

Multimedia Specialist
As a Brand Journalist and Multimedia Specialist, Matt understands that every brand has a life waiting to be born and a story waiting to be told. Matt excels at telling this story, with a keen instinct for the drama and story arc inherent in every brand, product and service.

Matt is a graduate of Marietta College with a BA in Broadcasting and Advertising & Public Relations.

Daniel Dilly

Web Developer, Programmer
Daniel has more than 20 years’ coding experience and is proficient with all stages of the web development process. As a seasoned designer, he brings these areas of discipline together to create stunning and engaging designs.

Daniel completed four years of study in Computer Information Systems.

Abigail Sweeney

Digital Media Strategist and Content Curator
With a diverse skillset comprising social media, SEO, marketing automation and analytics, Abbie brings a crucial, and very measurable, component to the marketing and branding process, including experience with increasing web traffic, engagement and monetization.

Abbie is a graduate of West Virginia University with a MS in Integrated Marketing Communications.

Sheri Oxley

Project Coordinator
With more than 40 years of creative systems and production and project management experience, including scheduling, specifying, editing, and corresponding with clients, Sheri is an invaluable conduit through which agency work flows rapidly and seamlessly.

Sheri studied Social Services at Parkersburg Community College.