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The history of Clayman & Associates actually begins, in a way, during World War II. Henry J. Clayman worked as a radio broadcaster and later as a writer for the famous army publication, Stars and Stripes. Henry took his love of writing and broadcasting into the advertising world starting in 1954, when he started his own advertising agency called Clayman & Associates.

Much like marketing has evolved, the original Clayman & Associates has adapted to the changes in the world of advertising and marketing over the last 60+ years. We still remember our first fax machine, our first Apple computer with 2 MGs of RAM, and our first website. We remember our office on South High Street in downtown Akron, moves to larger spaces over the years, and finally, of, course, the big move from Akron to Marietta, Ohio. We have changed our name four times (Clayman & Associates, Clayman Advertising, Clayman Marketing & Communications, and now full circle back to Clayman & Associates), and we have greeted many new faces along the way.

Through it all, one thing has remained the same. Clayman & Associates has always, ALWAYS focused on our clients. Marketing has never been about us. It has always been about how we can help our clients succeed. Whether a company needs media buying services, website development, video creation, or social media management, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and offering the highest quality customer service possible.

Marketing constantly evolves, and so do we. It’s how one stays ahead in this world.

Henry Clayman realizes his dream of becoming an ad man. He starts his own advertising agency, Clayman & Associates. The business runs out of his home. Shortly after Henry starts the company, his wife Florence joins as bookkeeper.
Clayman & Associates moves to 34 South High Street in Akron Ohio, where it would remain for close to 30 years.
Larry Clayman joins the company.
Clayman & Associates becomes a corporation and changes its name to Clayman Advertising, Inc. Larry is named Vice President.
Clayman Advertising moves from downtown Akron to a location right across from Copley High School in Akron.
Henry Clayman passes away. Larry Clayman becomes president of the company.
So that clients can be served with top-of-the-line technology, Clayman invests in an Apple SE packed with a stunning 2 GB of RAM. Clayman is certain this is more memory than will ever be needed.
Clayman wins a best in show at the local Addy’s competition.
Sandra Clayman, Larry’s wife, joins the company as a media buyer. She evolved into the bookkeeper role and stayed in that position until 2013.
Clayman moves to a new location in Akron, Ohio. It’s near Graff’s Growers, a local farmer’s market. During the summer visitors abruptly startled as the crow-scaring air cannons deployed.
Clayman turns 50! Clients joined us in Akron for an Aeros (AA) baseball game and a scenic train ride through Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Margie Clayman joins the company as the third generation of Claymans in the family business.
Attempting to change names more than Prince, Clayman changes its name to Clayman Marketing Communications.
Clayman moves to a cozy office space in a suburb of Akron called Copley.
Alliance Industries, Inc. acquires Clayman Marketing Communications on October 1st, 2013. The agency comes full circle, changing its name back to the original moniker, Clayman & Associates.
Emily Martin and Meg Doyle, members of the Alliance Industries marketing team, are integrated with the existing Clayman & Associates team.
Clayman completes the move to Marietta, Ohio, coinciding with its sixtieth anniversary.
Clayman launches a new website and begins to thrive in its new surroundings.