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What is SEO and Why Should You Care?
03 Jul 2017

What is SEO and Why Should You Care?

Increasingly, we are getting questions about SEO. There is a sense among a lot of companies that they need it because they are hearing a lot about it, but they aren’t exactly sure what it is or how it can help them. Sometimes people sheepishly add that they’re not actually sure what SEO stands for, though they feel they should know.

Let’s clear up some of the haziness here.

What does SEO stand for, anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When I say “search engine” I’m talking about Google, Bing, or Yahoo. They’re the engines you use to search the world wide web. The “optimization” part comes in because you want your website to show up on the first page, or even better, you want your website to be the first result people see on page one. How can you make sure that happens? Well, that’s where the whole complicated game of SEO begins.

Where are you now?

One of the first things we do when talking to someone about SEO is we ask them to search for some terms that they feel they should perform well on based on their product or service offering. Go ahead and search for something that you think you’ll perform well on in Google. What is a word or a phrase that you think people definitely associate with your brand? Go ahead and do the search. I’ll wait.

Well, how did it go? Did you show up on page one? If so, that’s great! Your website is in good shape, at least insofar as that word or phrase is concerned. Now, if you didn’t show up on page one, or two, or three, or four, that tells you one of two things. The first possibility is that your website needs some work. The second possibility is that perhaps your customers don’t think of you the way you thought they did. Both scenarios are fixable, but you might be on your way to learning a lot more than you may have initially expected. The only exception is if your company offers something very specific and you are not showing up for that keyword. A store that sells apples and peaches should show up on a local level if someone searches for a store that sells apples. If you aren’t showing up for obvious matches like that, there may be a bigger problem.

Improving your SEO performance

The objective of search engine optimization is pretty simple. You want to be first, or as high on the first page of results as you possibly can get. You know you hate to go three pages deep when you’re searching for something, and your customers feel the same way. How to get to that point, however, is a much more tangled tale. There is a lot to consider, ranging from whether you need rank locally and/or nationally, which keywords are of the highest priority, and more.

Do you need to talk to us about search engine optimization? Leave a comment and let us know how we can help!

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