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How Do Your Customers Talk?
31 Jul 2017

How Do Your Customers Talk?

One of the first questions I ask when we sit down to talk about your website is, “What do you think your customers or prospects are going to want to find when they land here?”

It is really easy to declare what YOU hope they find. You hope they find one of your products, love it, and buy it. That is in a nutshell what most businesses are after. Thinking about how your customer might approach your website is an entirely different exercise, however, and it is a great way not just to move the ball forward on your website project, but also it can help you think about your whole business approach in a new way.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you sell janitorial supplies. Your company probably has specific ways to talk about each category of product and each product individually. You might refer to certain cleaning chemicals by the enzymes that make up that chemical, for example. Everyone in your company knows to talk about these specific products in that specific way. The problem is that your customers are not looking for enzymes when they visit you. They are perhaps looking for a floor stripper, a hand soap, a disinfecting spray, or something else entirely. Maybe they think they need one thing but really they need something else. Can your website point them in the right direction?

Take a moment here on this Monday morning to think about your customers and conversations you have had with them. What do you think they want to see when they land on your homepage? Based on that, where will they want to go next? How can you make it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they need?

Here is the secret. One of the most amazing things your company can offer your customer is saved time. It isn’t something they can buy, and you may argue that it’s not really a win for you. However, people will remain loyal to companies that seem to care, understand, and help. That is just the way business is these days. Offering enough information so that your customer realizes they can actually save time and money by purchasing one product instead of three may seem like a loss to you at first, but that customer will keep coming back to you over and over because of that win.

In lieu of an in-person meeting or a call, your website should walk people through your sales process. Is it successful based on that standard?

These are tough questions. It is difficult to extract yourself from the every-day immersion in your business. It’s a great exercise regardless, however. If you need help, just let us know!

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

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