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Good Enough Should Not Be Good Enough
07 Aug 2017

Good Enough Should Not Be Good Enough

A lot of people think that the camera capabilities of smart phones is a great leap forward for entrepreneurs and marketers. I would agree to a certain extent. The advent of live videos on Facebook and Instagram is a great way for customers to get to know you, for example. Capturing candid moments with customers is a major plus. Posting pictures of your offices, a job, your staff, a party–these are all great things. The problem, however, is that convenience has started to trump quality.

I look at a LOT of Facebook pages as part of my job, and I see a LOT of company Instagram posts. These are valuable platforms for companies, but in the hurry to get likes, get products out there, show activity, and promote, companies are throwing up the first image they take with their phone, and you can tell. Even if someone doesn’t necessarily notice that the lighting is bad or that the photo was not staged carefully, they might just have a feeling that the product being shown is not all that interesting. Maybe the photo was not staged to the point where it’s hard to tell where the actual product is that is being promoted.

Even if you think you do not need a professional photographer to help you with images for your social media marketing (and we disagree with that philosophy vociferously, btw), it can be beneficial to at least talk to a photographer about where in your shop you should shoot, how to make sure the lighting is as good as possible, and tips on how to set up a shot so that the product you want to promote really pops. Remember, the images you have on your website or on your Facebook page may be the first contact someone has with your company. These pictures are your chance to make a great first impression, and they also can reveal a lot about how much pride you have in your company, how much you’re willing to invest in your company, and how much you care about showing your products in the best way possible.

Taking good pictures does not have to be extraordinarily time-consuming or involved. A few extra minutes can really make a big difference, however. Your customers will notice, even if they can’t put their finger on why.

Would you like some help with your photography? Contact us today. Let’s talk about what you need and how we can help.

Image Credit: via Creative Commons

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